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About Us

Master Cutlery, originally founded in 1982, has the broadest portfolio of edged tools and related products designed for work, outdoor recreation and home use. With our multi-brand / multi-product category assortment, East and West Coast distribution centers, same day shipping, and dropship fulfillment capabilities, we're uniquely positioned to serve as the one-stop shop for distributor, retail and e-commerce channel customers.

Master Cutlery's product portfolio includes more than 5,000 active SKU's across 100+ product segments. The majority of these SKU's are exclusively designed by / for us and we design, develop and introduce an industry-leading 600+ new products on an annual basis.

Master Cutlery's Location (New Jersey, California)     

Our Brands

MTech, Tac Force, Femme Fatale
  • MTech

    : One of our more diversified tactical brands include folding knives, fixed blade knives, archery products, security items, batons and even stun guns. This line has something for everyone at a competitive price point. This line consists of all spring assisted opening folding knives from the brand MTech that you have come to know and trust. A truly tactical brand of both fixed blade knives and folding knives. All knives in this line are made with thicker and higher grade materials such as 440A and 440C stainless steel blades and most come with G-10 handles. All products in this line are created using computer numerical control (CNC) technology. This line consists of all spring assisted opening folding knives from the brand MTech Extreme that you have come to know and trust.
  • TAC-Force

    : When you think TAC-Force, think Spring Assist! This line consists of strictly folding knives with the rapid deployment technology that EMT's, Fire, Rescue and first responders alike have come to know and love. When every second counts, you can rest assured that your TAC-Force knife will be ready to spring into action at a moment's notice! These folding knives are available in a massive variety of colors and styles from hunting to collectibles to fantasy to tactical, truly something for everyone.
  • Femme Fatale

    : This line is geared toward a female consumer who is looking for the same high quality and reliable products as found in our MTech and MTech Xtreme lines but with a more fashionable flair. Expect to see lots of fashion forward designs here!

Hunting / Outdoor / Survival
Elk Ridge, Survivor
  • Elk Ridge

    : For the true outdoorsman! This hunting focused brand features hunting knives, skinners, game sets, machetes & axes, and even gentleman's knives. This line has fixed blade knives and folding knives in all types of appearances, from camo coatings for the hunter looking to remain permanently concealed, to beautifully natural and synthetic handles. This outdoor hunting knife brand is for the serious, avid and professional hunters out there. All knives in this line are crafted using 440C stainless steel and can be portrayed as a more sophisticated line of products for the outdoor hunter.
  • Survivor

    : Whether working in the yard, camping or preparing for your next big outdoor adventure, Jungle Master has you covered! Offering a wide variety of large fixed blade knives and machetes, these high quality blades will have you clearing your path in no time! Geared toward outdoor activity, this line is every outdoorsman's best friend. Offering a wide variety of classic survival knives and rugged fixed blade knives. Some of these knives include accessories such as 550 paracord and magnesium fire starters. Whatever outdoor predicament you find yourself in, our survivor line will take care of you!

Fantasy Master, Master Collection, Z Hunter, Dask Side Blades
  • Fantasy Master

    : For the true collector and fantasy aficionado. Offering a wide variety of fantasy wall hangers and collectibles ranging from samurai swords to medieval swords and daggers to the truly outrageous conversation piece. Fantasy Master has been gracing offices, man caves and living rooms for many years!
  • Masters Collection

    : Our custom design line! Including many different collaborators, ranging from famous knife makers to new up-and-coming knife designers. You can expect to see elements typically found in custom knives in this category, such as engraved spines, premium materials and the shared passion for artistic design! This line offers collectible pieces for a wide range of different tastes!
  • Z Hunter

    : Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!! This line offers a fully functional yet still collectible line of fixed blade knives, folding knives, axes, machetes, swords, throwing knives and throwing stars. All decked out in Zombie Green and Black ready to serve you when the walking dead come to life!
  • Dark Side Blades

    : This line is composed purely of fantasy themed spring assisted folding knives. You can expect to see lots of edgy designs with rapid deployment in a great folding knife!

Perfect Point, Ten Ryu, Ryumon
  • Perfect Point

    : This line contains an extensive collection of both throwing knives and throwing stars in all shapes and sizes. Well known for its wide variety and well balanced throwers, this line offers something for everyone who is interested in the sport of throwing. Be sure to pick up one of our target boards and sharpen your skills with any one of the beautiful throwing knives or throwing star sets. Professional throwers have come to love this line of throwing knives and throwing stars for the precision craftsmanship that goes into these well balanced beauties. The thicker high grade materials used ensure 100% accuracy with each and every throw!
  • Ten Ryu

    : Our most versatile line of Samurai swords. This affordable line of Samurai swords has a wide range of designs at a variety of price points. All Samurai swords are hand sharpened ensuring the sharpest blade. We employ master swordsmiths who combine modern knowledge and traditional secrets to produce superior quality swords with enhanced durability, sharpness, and exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Ryumon

    : These top of the line Samurai swords are meticulously handmade following traditional Japanese methods. Built from the ground up, these Samurai swords are hand forged and hand sharpened using 1065-1095 high carbon steel which is clay tempered producing a traditional Hamon. All handles in this line are made with genuine ray skin and the finest cotton and silk weaves. The detailed scabbards are all hand painted and hand lacquered and are true works of art!

USMC, U.s. Army, Top Chef
  • USMC

    : Our Elite Tactical US Marines knives were built with the nation's most elite forces in mind. Designed to handle any situation, these tactical knives are perfect for combat and self defense. All knives in our Elite Tactical line are made with top quality materials such as titanium coated 440C stainless steel and CNC machined G-10 or Micarta handles. All fixed blade knives come with MOLLE-compatible nylon sheaths ensuring that your knife is combat ready and situated exactly when and where you want it to be. When we designed this line we consulted many ex military professionals and found that what they wanted was a good quality blade that would retain its razor edge for long stints in the field yet also have comfortable and natural grips. After surveys and reviews, we are proud to say that we have accomplished just that. This line of USMC knives offers superior quality at a competitive price point and has become a very popular choice among military professionals, law enforcement, rescue personnel and just the everyday knife loving American. This tactical knife line offers action assist knives, folding knives and fixed blade knives, all perfect for survival or combat situations. This line is intended to be handy and perfect for everyday use, not only made with high quality materials, such as 440 stainless steel, but also ensures great durability. These tactical knives are a great choice for anyone who needs a quality knife with value in mind, as they are designed to be compact and efficient with multiple rescue tool functions. USMC by MTech USA offers a large variety of handle materials from double injection molded rubber over nylon fiber for the ultimate grip to G-10 and aluminum handles depending on what your needs are! This MTech knife line is competitively priced, affordable, trusted and respected so that every individual should have an USMC knife by their side.

Top Chef
  • Top Chef

    : These classic kitchen knives are the same ones that you see being used by the contestants in the Quick Fire Challenge on the hit Bravo TV show Top Chef. Using Ice Tempering technology to increase edge retention, these knives are well balanced and built to last!

The Walking Dead, Assassin's Creed Alamo
  • The Walking Dead

    : We proudly offer the only authentic licensed replica of Michonne's Katana that is used on the wildly popular AMC hit TV series.

OEM (Custom Products)

Master Cutlery has the ability to provide customized products featuring your design, logo, colors, packaging, etc. These opportunities are reviewed on a case by case basis and usually require a minimum order quantity of 1,200 pieces. For more information or other inquiry, please contact Tiffany Xia, VP, Product Development at tiffany@mastercutlery.com.