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From the creators of The Fowl Life with Chad Belding, we bring you Dead Dog Walkin! Join us as we take you on every stand throughout America, Canada, and Mexico. We chase coyotes, bobcats, badgers, and any other predators who want to lobby for their seat at the top of the food chain.

Dead Dog Walkin' is an adrenaline rush that will have you itching to get in the truck and hit the hills with Clay Belding and Team Maniac! Dead Dog Walkin' will not stop with just great footage. You'll see behind the scenes as each day plays out, learn from some of the best predator hunters in the country, and you'll be kept in stitches with constant comic relief!

Are you ready for a new breed of predator hunters? Ready for the adrenaline to rush through your body and are you ready to challenge your inner hunter. We are the American Hunter and this is Dead Dog Walkin'!

Benelli's The Fowl Life follows host Chad Belding through America's flyways in pursuit of meeting and connecting with the American Hunter. Chad continually learns that waterfowl hunting is the common denominator that brings him and so many friends, new and old, together each year. Viewers are welcomed into each part of the journey from the pre-season preparation, long road trips, tips and tactics, world-class duck and goose footage, and behind the scenes of duck and goose camps across the country.

Mother nature truly is the backdrop of The Fowl Life and each and every episode is directed towards showing humility and admiration for her and all of her creatures the team hunts. Join Chad as he learns what it means to be an American Hunter, and all the walks of life that encompass it.

Chad Belding

As a young boy growing up, Chad Belding was introduced to the outdoor lifestyle by his father Orville. On opening day of the 1997 Nevada duck season, Chad sat in a blind with a few close friends. Soon the gadwalls began their morning flight, and when his buddy lured the grey ducks in range with a perfect sequence of hen calls, and the boys opened up, well, that was it-he was hooked on waterfowl hunting.

Straight out of college, he began owning and operating several businesses based out of his Reno, Nevada, offices. After assembling one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable staffs in the industry, he created Banded Nation. This venture now includes Outdoor Channel show "The Fowl Life" and varmint hunting program "Dead Dog Walkin'", both produced with his brothers Clint and Clay. Then came the formation Banded Brands, a waterfowl related product company offering clothing and gear for the hunter. In 2014, Banded was purchased by Arkansas based Banded Holdings, Inc. The next year in 2015, Memphis, TN, based Avery Outdoors and their brands Greenhead Gear and Avery Sporting Dog was added to the Banded Holdings portfolio.

"I think one word that sums up all our success is passion," Chad said. "Our passion is what I feel like has made us a powerhouse in the waterfowl industry. People appreciate how we hunt. We're always joking around and smiling, but we're also serious about it, and we're good at it." The future is certainly bright as Chad continues to evolve "The Fowl Life" and his other interests, keeping them relevant for his great team of partners and sponsors.

Clay Belding

Clay Belding was born May 12, 1978 in Reno, Nevada. Growing up, Clay excelled in sports and received a baseball scholarship to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He started hunting at a very early age thanks to his late father, Orville. Some of his fondest memories are hunting with his dad and two brothers, Chad and Clint. He is a Realtor for Trans Action Realty 500 in Reno, Nevada and Producer for Banded Productions.

Over the years, Clay has been involved with the Nevada Waterfowl Association, Greenwing Days, and Ducks Unlimited. Clay cherishes the friendships made possible through his associations with these companies. Working in the outdoor industry has allowed Clay to travel the country, Canada, and Mexico with his brothers, Chad and Clint, as well as many other friends. He cannot thank them enough for allowing him these opportunities. Clay loves traveling, meeting new friends along the road.

When not hunting, Clay enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family, especially the family Sunday dinners at his mom's, Faith's, house. He also enjoys working in the yard, hanging out with friends, and fly-fishing in Northern Nevada. He wants to thank his late father, Orville, for teaching him about the outdoors, but most of all, to always keep your family first.

For more information on Banded Nation, visit www.bandednation.com.